Here are a selection of news items from 2009. Please also click the gallery below left to see some of our award winners and events during the year.


produced by BWA on the 10th, 11th and 12th December 2009 at St Philip’s Church in Norbury.

Seussical the Musical – Croydon Stagers

A number of BWA pupils and staff are appearing in this productions at the Adhcroft Theatre 25-28th November.

Summer School 2009 – Dirty Dancing

Cast List
Jonnie – Joe O’Brien
Penny- Grace Cinque- White
Baby- Alanna Kajdi
Lisa- Eve Steere
Billy/Stan MC – Sean Lopeman
Mum- Charlotte Driessler
Dad- Thomas Smith

Sophie Giles, Daisy Steere, Vicki Taylor, Sadie Shirley, Sarah Harvey, Oliver Mozley, Michael Madigan.

Rae Baker    – Director
Stefan Bednarczyk    – Musical Director
Victoria        – Choreographer
Ruthie        – Choreographer
Brad        – Choreographer

Cabaret 24th & 25th of July

Sold out as always

St Andrews School Fete

We were invited to perform at St Andrews School Polworth Road Streatham SW16 2ET on Saturday 11th July

Jason and Rianna to go to GSA

Congratulations to Jason Kajdi and Rianna Dawkins who have been awarded scholarships to attend the two week Musical Theatre Summer School at the Guildford Conservatoire.

Celebrating Norbury

Sunday 3rd May at 2pm & 4pm. At Norbury Park  We were invited to perform at this event to promote all that is good about Norbury. It was a fun day with lots of other groups performing including the Ballroom Professionals.

Croydon Festival 2009

This year was held on Sunday 24th, 26th, 27th & 28th May at the Ashcroft Theatre Croydon

Drama Evening 4th April

Congratulations to Sarah Harvey who won The DRAMA AWARD will was announced on the evening, for the pupil that has show most dedication commitment and progress of talent in acting throughout the year.

Bushfire Benefit

Several children from the BWA Agency perfomed at this Bushfire fundraiser
The children were Hannah & Sophie Giles, Hannah Connery, Emma Rose, Thomas Smith, Sean Lopeman, N’dira Fedinand, Daisy, Molly & Eve Steere, Alex Church, Isabelle Outtaro, Alisha Capon, Amber Staniforth, Daisy Smalley-Nicholson.

Choreography Competition 2009

Congratulations to Alanna Kajdi for winning the Evelyn Barry Award and Javana Forrest for winning the Cordelia Worsley Ballet Cup.

London Children’s Ballet

We are pleased to announce that both Oliver Mozley and Luke Cinque-White successfully auditioned for this company. The boys will perform in Snow White which will go on at the Peacock Theatre in London’s West End, from Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th April 2009.

Luke Cinque-White at the Royal Ballet School

Luke Cinque-White has now gone to the Royal Ballet School White Lodge in Richmond Park. We are very proud of this success and wish him loads of luck for his stay at this prestigious ballet school.

Peter Pan – Croydon Panto

20 pupils successfully auditioned and will be performing in this years panto at the Ashcroft Theatre.

Giselle – Ballet Russe

Pupils performed at The Fairfield Halls in Croydon in Giselle with the Ballet Russe between 3rd-10th January 2009.