Here are a selection of news items from 2012. Please also click the gallery above to see some of our award winners and events during the year.

42nd Street

Was performed at The Secombe Centre in Sutton from 25th November to 1st December.

Cast List

•    Peggy Sawyer – Eve Steere
•    Dorothy Brock – Sadie Shirley
•    Julian Marsh – Liam Connery
•    Billy Lawlor – Thomas Smith
•    Pat Denning – Oliver Moodie
•    Andi Lee – Hannah Keyzer
•    Bert Barry – Hans Rossbach
•    Maggie Jones – Harriet Harvey
•    Abner Dillon – Michael Madigan
•    Scarlett – Martha Alexander
•    Mac – Stage Manager- Ryan Cody
•    Ann Reilly (“Anytime Annie”)- Molly Steere
•     Lorraine Flemming- Lucy O’Brien
•     Phyllis Dale- Daisy Smalley-Nicholson
•    Gladys – Megan Di Luzio
•    Diane – Tiana Kelly
•    Sally – Roisin Lopeman
•    Ethel – Alisha Capon
•    Doctor- Edward Brown
•    Frankie – Jacob Keyzer

Georgia Butcher, Iona Duncan, Gaby Puleston- Vaudrey, Hannah Connery, Gwainn Van der Bijl, Sophie Wojna, Riley Lee, Bethany Keyzer, Phoebe Wood, Naomi Hughes, Astrid McQuillin, Molly Jones-Doherty, Hannah Giles, Danielle Springer, Ciara Moore, Jade Nolan, Sophia Adams, Alyssa Clarke, Chanel Burnett, Niamh Rush, Naomi Borrelli, Jake Smalley Nicholson, Rhodri Meredith, Oliver Mozley

Sunnyside” solo lines
Hannah Keyzer, Martha Alexander, Sophie Wojna, Ryan Cody, Phoebe Wood


Summer School

This year was Mamma Mia! – see the gallery for some pictures.