Thank you to everyone who came along and congratulations to all our winners. Check the news gallery on the left for pictures. Full results are:

Solos 8-10 Years
Bronze – Alyssa Clark, Modern
Bronze – Chloe Moore, Modern
Gold – Anna-Louise Knight, Modern
Gold – Aidan Lopeman, Modern
Solos 11-13 Years
Bronze – Niamh Rush, Tap
Bronze – Hannah Connery, Jazz
Silver – Serena Brugnoli, Tap
Gold – Chante Williams, Jazz
Solos 16+ Years
Silver – Lucy Chapman, Modern
Silver – Gwainn Van der Bijl, Modern
Gold – Gwainn Van der Bijl, Ballet
Duets 8-10 Years
Silver – Aurora Bentiuoglio & Naomi Borrelli, Modern
Gold – Aidan Lopeman & Anne Marie Wojna, Modern
Duets & Trios 11-13 Years
Bronze – Serena Brugnoli & Ria Patel, Modern/Ballet
Silver – Roisin Lopeman & Sophie Wojna, Modern
Gold – Chante Williams & Gaby Morrone, Contemporary
Troupe 11–13 Years
Gold – Chante, Gaby, Molly, Jade, Ciara – Commercial
Overall Winner of the Choreography Competition – Gwainn Van der Bijl

Daisy Smalley Nicholson – Corin Miller Jazz Cup winner 2013

Hannah Connery – Cordelia Worsley Ballet Cup Winner 2013