3year course at Urdang.

Becky has just been offered a DADA at Urdang, 2 weeks into her training which is excellent.

In Becky‘s own words…

Hi I’m Rebecca Botterill, better known as Bex.

I have just started a three year musical theatre diploma course at The Urdang Academy. I am extremely grateful to the Betty Wivell Trust for helping me peruse my passion for Musical Theatre.

I have only been at Urdang for a week now and I am completely knackered, however I am enjoying the Performance Jazz lessons as we get to learn new routines from current shows are teachers are involved in such as Shrek and jersey boys.  On the other hand I’m finding it difficult to enjoy the early morning Ballet classes but still learning a great deal from them.  Most people at Betty Wivell knew Tap wasn’t my favourite lesson however at college I am growing to love it. We also, have a class called Body Conditioning which consists lots of running, jumping, sit ups, press ups, stretching and pain  but I actually love this class as I can feel myself getting healthier and building on my stamina.

I am extremely happy at The Urdang Academy, but I do miss Betty Wivell and will be coming back to see you all very soon!