Lauren Smartt


Manchester Metropolitan University degree in theatre

In Lauren’s Own words

Hi my name is Lauren Smartt and I am currently studying Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I previously thought that moving up North would be scary and lonely as I would be unfamiliar with the accents, new people and general University lifestyle. However, I am enjoying it immensely!

The University itself is so welcoming and homely, and so are the people.

My course is even better than I thought it was going to be! I’m having fun creating my own theatre, experimenting with new techniques and studying new practitioners. Having the chance to direct Theatre instead of only performing in it is extremely inciting as I am able to work out exactly which elements I like to include in my pieces, how to make performances better and the process of production.

Although I miss the dancing and singing lessons at BWA, I am happy with my choice of attending University to study a degree in specifically Theatre.

I am already learning so much and definitely think I will enjoy my journey in becoming a knowledgeable performer/director in different genres of Theatre.